2012 “Science Parody of the Year”

I’m excited to announce that the “Science Parody of the Year” for 2012 is “Grad School, I Love You (But You’re Bringin’ Me Down).” The song is parody of an LCD Soundsystem song written and performed by Mark Grabiner (a graduate student in Terry Machen’s lab at UC-Berkeley). The video was directed and produced by Nate Krefman, a graduate student in the Drubin/Barnes lab. The scientific journal BioTechniques put the “Science Parody of the Year” to a readers’ vote this week on their blog.

A second song by Nate, “Blue and Yellow,” a parody of a Wiz Khalifa song, was also among this year’s five nominees. These nominations follow on the heals two additional nominations for Nate’s videos “I’m Bringin’ Stickleback” and “Bad Habits (in Lab)” in the 2011 contest. All of the videos were produced for an annual funny movie event called MCB Follies held by graduate students in UC-Berkeley’s Department of Molecular and Cell Biology. Readers can expect to see more of these sort of videos from Nate and other graduate students in the Drubin/Barnes lab in the future.

2012 “Science Parody of the Year”:

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